Decemberg: Winter in the Woods 2019

Dark Matter Mothership - Decemberg: Winter in the Woods 2019

Dark Matter Mothership
Saturday 14.12.2019
From 8:00
Sunday 15.12.2019
Up to 14:00
Dark Matter Mothership
USChicago 738 N Western Ave60605
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A Weekend Bike Camping Trip to Camp Reinberg from Chicago

-When December 14th & 15th-Meet: 7:00 am -At Dark Matter Mothership, Chicago, IL-Bike to & overnight at Camp Reinberg-Return to Chicago by Bike.-Pace: Casual, we ride together as a group. 12mph-Lodging: Tent or Cabin (Campsite included when you register) (Cabin bed included when registering by cabin ticket type)


​This is a challenging yet very doable 77 mile bike ride (45 miles Day 1. 32 miles Day 2.) A two day loop leaving from Chicago and returning to Chicago. For this ride our Guides will give you an in depth tour of Northwest Chicagoland, as we travel from Ukrainian Village to Deer Grove Forest Preserve.
You know you can't wait til April to do another overnight. So join this rad crew and rock that winter bike riding life. Learn about the history and beginnings of the Forest Preserves, the ecology of the area, and what it takes to preserve it. Ride through time and discover how land use evolved from the natural to the industrial to the recreational. Gain a new appreciation for winter riding and celebrate a day in the cold outdoors. I will help you appreciate the warmth of the fire and heated cabins upon arrival to Reinberg, Cook County Forest Preserve's first acquisition, Includes hot dinner, steamy oatmeal breakfast and yes, heated cabins (though if you wanna pitch a tent out back, we can make that happen).Will I learn something? Will there be community? Will I have Fun? Yes. Yes. and Yes. So celebrate the upcoming spring weather and meet some new people. All are welcome.
Learn about the history and beginings of the Forest Preserves, the ecology of the area, and what it takes to preserve it. Ride through time and discover how land’s use evolves from the natural to the industrial to the recreational. Gain a new appreciation for winter. You and your bike certainly can make it! Celebrate a winter’s adventure in the comforts of a heated cabin, with hot dinner and a steamy oatmeal breakfast included.
You’ll be pedaling along through memories of mass transit’s past, along beautiful bubbling creeks witnessing some of the region’s most unique ecologies. Wildlife sightings are a near guarantee! You’ll cruise by riverbeds and marvel at the big blue unsalted sea of Lake Michigan. If weather cooperates, all of this splendor will be draped in a crisp white blanket. Throughout it all our Guides will be recalling stories of the dreams and plans of Chicago men and women whose modest yet hard work is to thank for the preservation of the Blue Basin’s natural beauty. Take a break from your winter hibernation and venture out with us on a frosty December ride.


-Heated cabins-Dinner upon arrival-Campfire & S'mores -***** beverages around the campfire-Warm Breakfast-Interpretative Trail Guides

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This is not your average group bike ride. At each break point and along the way, our Guides will immerse and educate in the history, geography, architecture and the uniquely beautiful natural habitats and ecosystems of North Eastern Illinois. Our groups are small and personable to ensure the knowledge of the land is passed on.
What is Bike Camping? It’s where you stay overnight in a tent or cabin by Bike.
Get a bike ****. Strap your Tent and or Sleeping Bag, camp supplies and Adventure out.


DAY 1: Elevation
7:00 am | Meet at Dark Matter Coffee The Mothership
12:00 pm | Lunch at Portillo's
1:45 pm | Arrival Camp Reinberg
2:15 pm | Nature Walk through Deer Grove and exploration
7:30 pm | Campfire Dinner & Drinks

DAY 2: Natures Path
7:15am | Camp Breakfast
8:30am | Departure Towards the Lake
2:00 pm | Finish Ride at Graceland Cemetery (near Dark Matter)

You Choose- Campsite Or Heated Cabin

Your campsite or cabin bed is included when you register please bring your own sleping gear

Campsite: If you choose to camp please bring your own tent and sleeping gear
For the Cabin remember to bring to bring your sleeping bag.

About Our Tour Guides:

They will have A bike tool kit, an air pump, a presta/schrader valve adapter, tire lever, chain breaker, and a crescent wrench (for those older bikes), a multi-toolkit, lights and emergency packet. Our guides will help you with any needed repairs. *If you have any of the above items please bring them along at your own convenience.
They have setup multiple break points along the way in all the right places to ensure you can go the distance. So if this is your first time out on a long ride.... You’ll be surprised on far you can actually go. If you feel like you can't make it there are always train stations along the way that can bring you back home to Chicago.


Required Items

Your bike!
Sleeping bag if staying the cabin
Or Tent/Camping Gear if sleeping outside
Cash/Debit/Credit Card for lunch and any other snacks
Photo I.D and Emergency contact Info
Two spare inner tubes.
Water bottle. 
Bike LIGHTS, front and rear
Lock for your bike
High Energy Snacks 
Personal Items- There are showers at the cabins/campsites so bring your own soap, small towel and deodorant. If you are staying overnight.
Helmet- Please bring one


Bike ****

We suggest to purchase a back **** if you do not have one already. A bike back **** will improve this trip and any future riding you do on your own. A bike **** will also keep the weight off your shoulders. Stop in your local bike shop to help get your bike geared up.

Keep it light and keep it tight!

Secure your belongings and keep highly used items accessible when packing. Light weight usually makes for a more enjoyable ride; So don’t bring your living room furniture on the ride. And Avoid dangling straps, they can get entangled in the wheels and cause an accident; Be smart and protect your safety.

Other Stuff To Bring

You might want to bring, a photo device, pain killers, comfortable cushion bike gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, information to share.


​Dress for the season and dress in layers. In the spring and fall the outside temps may be great to wear a T-shirt but when biking the wind can make your chest, hands, and fingers cold. Bring a pair of gloves and a sweater/windbreaker if need be. If a little rain is in the forecast bring a rain jacket. Don’t be afraid of the rain!!! Some the best views is when a storm is on the horizon. If it gets intense there are shelters along the way to sit it out for the moment.


Can anyone ride your tours?

Yes! It is a challenge. Just about anyone who has ridden a bike for a day can do the tour. You should build up your riding distance/endurance to at least 30 miles.

What kind of bike do I need?

It's really up to you. But we recommend a Touring, Mountian, Urban or Fat bike. These types of bikes make for a more comfortable ride in the snow. Attaching a bike **** will help carry your daily supplies and keep weight off your shoulders.

Do you rent bicycles out to the public?

At the moment no. Our goal as we continue to grow we will be able to provide bicycles for participants. 

What if I get tired?

We champion perseverance and the challenge. We encourage to push on, the reward of completion is great. But if turning around is an absolute must, there is always a train station relatively close by throughout the entirety of the tours.

What should I bring for the bike trip?​

Always bring two spare inner tubes (and a bike tool kit if you have one). Dress for the season, during spring and fall make sure to bring gloves for your hands and layer your clothing. Even when the weather is nice, when riding your bike the wind can make you chilly really quick. 

What happens if it rains, is the event cancelled?

No. We still ride if there is rain. Some of the best views are after a rain storm. Though safety is our top priority. So if there is extreme severe weather we will break and wait it out in a provided shelter, then continue to our destination.

How fast do you Ride? What is the pace of your tours?

The pace we ride at is around 12 miles per hour. This is to accommodate everyone riding the tour, to be able to take in all the views and to be able to ride a second day. You have to remember their is a second day and you should pace yourself. (We are bikers but we are not running a tour de france).

What happens if I'm too slow? What happens if I'm too Fast?

We ride together as a group.  We do not leave anybody behind. A guide will always be riding at the back and at the front. 

What happens if my bike breaks?

First, always bring two spare inner tubes. Our prepared Guides are always ready to help, are trained for emergency repairs, and carry extra tools and supplies.


Individual/Participant Cancellations: No Refunds | We are a small organization and due to the small group size of our rides, a ticket cancellation/no show has a real impact into the planning of the tour and as such we cannot provide any refunds for a participant cancellation. By registering you acknowledge and agree there will not be a refund if you cancel or do not show up for the event.
Organizer Cancellation: Full Refund | Nobody wants an event to be cancelled. But in the very rare case the organizer does cancel the event at their discretion due to unforeseen circumstances, then registered participants will receive a full refund (excluding the small eventbrite processing fee). To date this organizer has never cancelled an event.
Weather and Rain: We do not cancel an event for rain or a storm. We ride rain or shine. Understand that Chicago weather is typically passing, if it gets intense we will wait it out in a provided shelter then continue biking. FYI-Some of the best views and greenery are after a rain storm.



We're the Out Our Front Door Organization.
We provide exploratory adventures by immersing and educating in the history, architecture and the uniquely beautiful natural habitats of the Lower Lake Michigan Basin Area, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. 
Drop us a friendly visit at:

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